• SAT-Apéro – More or less on a monthly basis, typically towards the end of the month, we get together in our Swiss Apero, to chat, network and have fun together. There is a small fee charged to cover food (ideally raclette or some other Swiss specialties) and attendees pay for their drinks directly to the restaurant.
    • A friendly get-together for a drink
    • For local and foreign managers with Swiss business relations, friends interested in Switzerland & the Swiss community
    • For networking & socializing (to have a chat and share information/news in a casual atmosphere).

  • Annual General Meeting (AGM) – Usually in the 1st quarter, to review the performance of the association over the past year and to choose/confirm President and Directors. Statement of accounts are distributed to all members and discussed as well as highlights and issues of the last year. Traditionally, SAT pays for the dinner of all members, each pay for their own drinks. By paying annual dues at the AGM you can automatically become a member for the year.

  • Swiss National Day Celebration – We look at a fun way to get together to celebrate the birth of Switzerland in 1291. On or close to August 1st. Boat ride, party, cook out. It varies from year-to-year. This is typically an all-in paid event.

  • Swiss Christmas Dinner Party – An event which brings the year to an end in a truly festive manner. For the most part a black-tie gala dinner with live music in a major hotel with Swiss food, wine and beer. This is an all-in paid event covering dinner, drinks, music and lucky draw from sponsors.

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The Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place on September 27, 2022.
Please read the message of our new President, Mr. Robert Campbell


2022/11/24 (THURSDAY):

Switzerland – Cameroon
Uruguay – South Korea

Eighter you have joined - or you missed another great evening!